Ladies and Gents… Start Your Fryers

I know, not a healthy way to kick off a new year. But it was fun. The kids spent the night with my mom and dad Friday night, and we went crazy! We slept in until 8:30 (that really is sleeping in for me), and then got up and got fryin’.

We first tried our hand at donuts. We used the raised donut recipe from The Gluten-Free Kitchen, and a recipe from Roben’s upcoming book. They were both really good. While I attempted to make round donut holes, Andy was a bit more creative (on accident, I’m sure).   We saved the slug and Eeyore for Braden.



Then we made fresh french fries. They didn’t get really crispy (I like mine crazy crispy), so I will need to do some more searching for the perfect way to prepare the fries.

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One Response to Ladies and Gents… Start Your Fryers

  1. steve says:

    Fried dough AND french fries in one day? JEALOUS!!! We keep toying with the idea of a Fry Daddy or something…I think you’ve inspired me to make that purchase.

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