GF & Allergen Problems

There is a really interesting article found at The Chicago Tribune.

Read this, and you will want to read the rest of the article:

Gluten found in ‘gluten-free’ products

The Tribune bought three popular Wellshire Farms products advertised as “gluten free” and sent multiple samples to a lab for testing.

Chicken Bites: Tested at 204 parts per million and 260 ppm

Chicken Corn Dogs: Tested at 116 ppm and 2,200 ppm

Beef Corn Dogs: Tested at 191 ppm and 1,200 ppm

Wellshire Farms provided the Tribune with its own testing results, conducted in the spring. Their results showed: chicken nuggets tested at 200 ppm, chicken corn dogs 150 ppm, and beef corn dogs 120 ppm.

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3 Responses to GF & Allergen Problems

  1. Angela says:

    I read the entire article and am dumbfounded by this. Its retarded that they get away with dangerous misleading. But my question is wouldn’t the gluten containing ingredient be included in the list of ingredients?

  2. That story ran in our local paper today, too. It’s horrible. I wish I knew how to get the story to Keith Olbermann.

  3. This has been a concern of mine for a while. It seems no matter how careful I am, I have occasional problems. Besides the fact I have issues with so many other foods, we really have no guarantee of what is really in our food. That explains why I occasionally get sick! I’m with Ginger, let’s get it to Keith. He can get pretty fired up about stuff and maybe give it some attention!

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