King Arthur Flour Takes On Gluten-Free

It says a lot about my recent lack of posting, that I only got 2 comments on a giveaway.  We’ll try to do better next time.  Lucky commenter Shelly has won a $25 gift card to the Kroger family of stores!

A number of my friends who used to bake a lot pre-gf always talk about King Arthur Flour, and those that still do bake a lot talk about the great baking pans and equipment available from them.

Well, in less than a week, King Arthur Flour is adding gluten-free to the line-up. 

Now you know all that I know about it.  I hope we see great things from them.

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9 Responses to King Arthur Flour Takes On Gluten-Free

  1. Jen says:

    I still read all your posts! I just never comment because I read all my blogs through Bloglines reader. I’m a bad blogger! lol. I’m so excited that King Arthur came out with a GF line!!!

  2. Anita says:

    Are they doing just a general baking mix??? I don’t want premade cake etc mixes. And hopefully the price will be good. Now I use Meister’s mix, which substitutes for all my Betty Crocker AND family recipes, except for bread and pie crust. But it is $$$$.

    But this is exciting news. Hopefully the market will bear it.

  3. They’re doing a variety of mixes as well as a all purpose flour mix. Most of the mixes are already available in their store, the March 1 date seems to only be for the gluten free part of their site. The mixes seem to be priced at $6.95, but I didn’t check on a price for the flour mix.

  4. heather says:

    I am so happy to hear about this! Before I had to go GF, I always used King Arthur flour! I’m so happy they are introducing GF items now. I just hope my stores start carrying them right away!

  5. Molly @ KAF says:

    Not only have we come out with mixes, we have recipes that use the g-f baking blend mix. Type gluten free in the recipe search box and you’ll pull them all up. The white bread is delicious!

  6. Terry Evans says:

    I am so unhappy that I will need to spend about $13.00 including shipping for one box of the King Arthur Gluten Free Mix. That is much too expensive for my budget. I am retired, gluten free, and living on a limited income. All the gluten free products in the stores are so expensive. It does not seem right that when a person has an allergy to some type of food product, that he or she be made to pay so much more for a new product. The cost does not justify the end. Therefore, I have had to do without many of the foods I would enjoy having. I have not had a real sandwich for over two years, because of the cost of the gluten free bread.

    My husband and I donate a lot of our time during the Chirstmas Season to charity, as Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus. He has a full white natural beard, and makes a wonderful Claus. We work at giving back to the commuity and giving of ourselves to those less fortunate than ourselves.

    I am trying to form a gluten free club, whereby we could buy gluten free flour in bulk, and not have to pay so much for it, and divide it among ourselves.

    • Sydney says:

      The KAF gluten-free all purpose flour is available in West Coast grocery stores (Fred Meyer/Kroger) for about $6 for a 24 ounce box, if you haven’t found it already by now!

  7. Britt says:

    I love these mixes! I’m hoping if they become popular enough they will sell them in bulk!

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